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Using You can also compress .PNG, .ICO, .GIF, .WEBP, .BMP, .WBMP Images!

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Steps to Compress JPG/JPEG Images Online

Optimize Images for Webpages

Aside from desired compression, This tool can be used to optimize images for serving them purposely on a website or webpage.

If you are looking for opmization of Images for serving on web page, do this well! You should select the quality to "85" for those Images and rest of the setting will be automatically applied as per Google Recommendations to Optimize JPG/ JPEG, PNG, GIF Images.

This type of compression (on Quality 85) will not remove the data from Image that is considered as important to being served on a Website/ Webpage and compress Images as per Google pagespeed insights.

You can change quality to 69 or less for high compression of images.


You might have seen your image extensions as '.jpg' and sometime as '.jpeg' format. But have you ever confused among these two. Let us clear this myth today!

Actually both the extensions are same, You should not confuse yourself with these two formats. Both JPG and JPEG stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group". Because in the previous years, file formats are often denoted by 3 characters that's why JPG was used to call for image formats. But JPEG is modern abbrevation of presenting Images as comparision to JPG. But nowadays ".jpg" & ".jpeg" both the file system are most popular and same, Coincident & equal to each other.

How Compression Works

These Images also store some data related to itself. Information such as date taken, location, Device used, and many other info. that results to increase Image size is also binded to Image file.

We simple remove that info that is not required and it reduces the Image file size without touching image quality.