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Select or Drop Images to Compress JPEG and JPG images quickly and easily. You can select or drop more than one images at once, Your images will automatically compressed.

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Enter Quality from 1 to 100.

To access advance compression options such as resizing, optimizing, convert image format and sharing your images to friends, you will need to create an account or log in to your account.

Steps to Compress JPEG/JPG Images Online

This tool compresses PNG, WebP, GIF, ICO and other images.

How to Optimize JPG/JPEG Images

Optimizing images results to improve the loading speed of a webpage or a webapp which can also helps you to save your server storage and bandwidth.

If you are looking for image optimizer for serving photos on a web page, Compressjpg.net do this well! You should check the Optimize Image option and rest of the setting will be automatically applied as per Google Recommendations to Optimize JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF Images

By selecting optimize image option to true, it will allow an images to compress losslessly.


You might have seen your image extensions as .JPG and sometime as .JPEG format.

Both the extensions are for same format, You should not confuse yourself with these two formats. Both JPG and JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, The orgasination that created the image compression standard.

Because in the previous years, file formats are often denoted by 3 characters that's why JPG was used to call for JPEG image formats. But JPEG is modern abbrevation for JPEG Images.

Frequently Asked Queries

What type of images can be compressed here

Using compressJPG.net, You can compress JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, ICO, AVIF, HEIC, HEIF and BMP images in bulk and for free, without any limits. Most of the known images formats are easily compressed.

How to Change Image Format

Before selecting the images, you can set the output compressed image format in advance options tab. Like you can get compressed image into PDF format by selecting PDF option.

Can I resize Image

You can also resize image here by specifying either the width or height you want to obtain, we will automatically preserve the aspect ratio this option is best for batch resizing and bulk compressing simultaneously. Enter the both values if you want your image to resize in a specific dimensions. You can easily resize images in bulk here

Can I apply Filter to Images

Yes. After selecting or dropping images, You can select the specific filter for your image, it will be applied to your compressed image.

How to Convert Image into Grayscale

You can tick the "Convert Image into B/W" option to convert your compressed images into black and white.

For how much time images are kept

All images and data you upload here are automatically deleted after 10 minutes for user security.

How to Optimize Images

Using compressjpg.net, you can optimize JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, BMP and GIF images just by selecting quality to 80 and without any advance option. So on quality 80 JPEG compressor works as an JPEG optimizer.!

Is compressjpg.net free

Yes, It is completely free for all users.

How compression works

JPG and JPEG, both are lossy formats for image compression, So their file size can be reduced by removing some minimal image data such as date taken, location and device used etc.

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