's Privacy Policy

You know you upload images on and if you are thinking how does your images deletes from our servers after sometime. Here are the answers to your doubts that makes the transparency between us and our beloved users.

For How much Time Images are Stored?

You can press Delete button located above the Top-left corner of the Images to delete your Image on the spot. It will delete your Image from our servers as well. But if don't delete them manually, It gets deleted after one hour

Images are Stored for 1 hour, To provide you the sufficient time for downloading Edited or Compressed Images. After 1 hour they all are deleted automatically.

What about Cookies?

Currently we do not store any cookies and doesn't require us to function. If in case we change the policies, we will also declare here.

Data We Collect

We do not collect or hold any personal data of users. However Microsoft clarity's code is used for a better user experience.

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