HEIC Image Viewer

Using this site you can view iPhone images in your browser, irrespective of the device you are using !

Images are processed in your Device Only.

Steps to Open HEIC File

Using this tool, you can easily view heic photos, heif photos online from your mobile , windows or tablet device.

High Efficiency Image File Format(HEIF) is the image format that are supported in ios devices such as iPhone that's why Android users faces some difficuly while viewing HEIC images. But here you can view HEIC image free from any device without using any software.

HEIC format images are by default image format saved by iPhone7, iPhone7 plus or later such as iPhone 12, iPhone13, iPhone14 and iPad(6th generation), iPad Air(3rd generation) devices.


Most of the users having apple OS devices feel s the problem while sharing these image to their Android, Windows friends. As these devices does not support HEIC image format, that's why your problem solved here on compressjpg HEIC viewer.!

How to open HEIC File on Windows

Just Select the HEIC file or Drop from your device and it will load here for you. You can view heic images on windows 10/7/8.

Can I open HEIC Images on Android Mobile?

Yes! Using this tool you can easily watch HEIC images/iPhone images on your android mobile, tablet, laptop too.

How to Open HEIC File in Windows 7

You can open iPhone images on windows 7 by dropping file here or you can just select the image using "Choose File" button

Do I Need to Download Any Software to View HEIC Image File

No. You can view HEIC images here without any software.

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